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In these changing times, having a full understanding of your company’s financial position is vital.

Many companies start small, grow and become successful without ever seeing the need for someone at the head of their accounts – until the day they are asked for their financial data. If you are looking for investment for example, your potential investor will need full visibility of the financial state for your business.

A quick and simple solution for Indian business looking for support with managing their accounts and bookkeeping is a Virtual Chief Finance Officer(VCFO).

How does it work?

QX Corporate Advisors send our experts to your premises to observe and evaluate the current procedures you have in place in your accounts and finance department. We then provide an assessment of where processes can be streamlined and simplified to help in the future. Our qualified accountants then collate your data and transition it into legible accounts that can be used for business purposes such as applying for loans and submitting to government agencies.

Benefits of a virtual CFO:

They provide expertise to enable you to deliver accurate financial data.
More economical than a full time CFO
Knowledge from a team of professionals instead of a single person
Relieves the worry of government investigations and any associated penalties

Possible dangers of not maintaining accurate financial data

With many changes such as demonetisation occurring in India, it is even more crucial that businesses have accurate bookkeeping and financial data in place. Without precise financial records all other aspects of the business such as sales, inventory, payroll and taxes could be inaccurate, which will cause even greater problems as the business moves forward.

What we do

Our experts provide VCFO services to help get your businesses finances in order so you can focus on moving it forward.

Our VCFO services include:

Accounting and book keeping services
Return Filing for Direct as well as indirect taxes
Assistance in Statutory audits
Assistance in Tax audits
Assistance in Transfer pricing audits
Transfer pricing opinion (if required)
RBI, Banks and FEMA related matters
Assistance in Internal audit
Liaison with banks for loans and other credit facilities including ECB route
Foreign remittances
Assistance on tax and other regulatory compliances.
Internal control procedures such as process mapping and streamlining the control aspects

QX Corporate Advisors is part of the QX group of companies and experienced in Indian compliances, regulatory aspects, accounting and business advisory services. If you want the peace of mind of having your accounting and bookkeeping in order then get in touch with us today to see how we can be of help.

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