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Why should CEOs look to India for profits?

why should ceos look to india for profits

Why should CEOs look to India for profits?

As a destination for doing business and for foreign direct investment (FDI), India is a better market now than ever before. With the changes implemented in FDI policies in 2014, India is a perfect destination to compete with the world’s premiere investment locations.

It’s important to note the level of development currently occurring in India is on a record scale. As an upper level decision maker and investor it’s advantageous to be knowledgeable about the emerging and established market trends. Everyone wants to know about the next big thing and what better place than India which is bursting with business opportunity.

Change is in the air, the youth are experiencing technology and freedoms never before availed to them. Government regulations are evolving to adapt to a global marketplace and wealth is being generated on a staggering level.

So what qualities make India such an attractive destination right now, and in the future?

Indian youth – India is currently one of the few countries in the world that boasts such a large youth/working population. According to The Hindu, “by 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64 per cent of its population in the working age group.”  

Outsourcing leader- India is currently the global leader in providing outsourced services. They currently manage to deliver around half of the world’s outsourced IT services, which amounts to more than $45 billion. The A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index which is based on financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, and business environment still has India in top spot.

Indian innovation- Indian people have always been commended on their level of intelligence and hard work ethic. However, now that more people in India are getting access to knowledge via schooling or online, it’s encouraging innovation. This can especially be seen in the mobile application sector. Commerce and tech have teamed up to create a wonderful scenario where innovation can flourish.

As an investor it’s also important to know and understand which business sectors will provide the highest return. According to Trading Economics the following sectors experienced crucial and rapid growth in 2015:

  • Trade


  • Transport


  • Financing


  • Real estate


  • Hotels


  • Communication


  • Insurance


  • Business and personal services


*These sectors account for more than 60% of India’s GDP

So why else would a CFO or CEO consider India for investment and cost saving purposes?  Well India offers many other advantages to investors such as its skilled and low-cost labour force with a high level of English fluency compared to other Asian countries. Other numerous benefits include infrastructural improvements, increasing of FDI caps, simplification of visa approval process and single window clearance systems for various corporates. QX Corporate Advisors is knowledgeable in all these areas and can assist in getting your foot in the door.

At QX Corporate Advisors we specialise in de-risking market entry into India by making a business operationally compliant within the country’s regulatory laws and assure greater opportunity for success by delivering long term support. Our primary goal is to help enterprises through every step of their journey of the business expansion by being their local partner.

If you are considering entering the Indian market or are just wanting to know if it’s feasible for your business, please email us at or call us on 0845 838 2672.  

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