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Lawyers as facilitators of global expansion for SME's

lawyers as facilitators of global expansion for smes

Lawyers as facilitators of global expansion for SME's

With global expansion becoming increasingly prevalent, business law firms are getting more requests from their clients on how to expand abroad or how to offshore/outsource costly operations. However, very few lawyers are equipped with the expertise or global network to assist clients with international market expansion.

A rising number of American and other western SME’s are choosing to establish or at least offshore operations to Asia with an emphasis on India. The International Monetary Fund has anticipated that India’s GDP will improve by 7.4 percent for 2016–17, making it the world’s fastest-growing large economy.

The last few years have seen a steady rise in technological and structural changes which have made it easier for small to medium businesses to participate in the global economy. Advances in the Internet and areas such as cloud computing have been a substantial factor in enabling information movement and increasing the market potential of smaller firms. Governments in countries like India understand the need for expansion and FDI and have relaxed restrictions to accommodate overseas business. 

What’s in it for you?

An attorney has a duty to provide the best advice for their clients however, there are scenarios where they just don’t have enough experience to comfortably provide it themselves. This is where an expert in global business expansion can be of assistance.  

  • In addition to being able to direct your client in a knowledgeable manner you are also increasing your value added services
  • Being able to provide more services also means your client base will increase
  • You can gain an additional revenue stream
  • Provide supplementary services without any additional investment
  • Take the hassle out of overseas business expansion but still be able to provide the service

What we do:

We help you identify opportunities by de-risking market entry and providing assistance that directly supports your clients’ business expansion activities overseas. We

How we can help:

Without having previous experience advising on overseas and in particular Indian market entry, it can be a very tricky path to navigate. This is where the expertise of QX Corporate Advisors comes in handy. We can easily bridge the gap between America and India. We’ve assisted a number of companies operating in a multitude of sectors that were looking to reduce operational costs by establishing processes in India.

If your clients are considering international expansion, our highly qualified and expert advisors can provide information and advise you on tax-efficient business set-up to enable you to establish and expand your services.

We provide business process outsourcing services to private limited businesses, PLCs, London Stock Exchange companies and public bodies. Whilst we operate within a number of sectors, we have developed specialised back office outsourcing services in the sectors of student accommodation, software development, the healthcare sector and recruitment agencies.

At QX Corporate Advisors we provide customised services for business entity setup, approvals, legislative registrations and all of your post registration compliances. If you’ve been thinking about entering the Indian market or have any questions about India market entry strategy email us on or call us on 0845 838 2672.  


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