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Inforgraphic Emerging IT trends

Inforgraphic Emerging IT trends

IoT (Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things is now really starting to pick up and will be huge in the years to come.  Industries ranging from transportation to healthcare will adopt software and hardware that utilises the IoT.  Many IT companies appreciate the magnitude of this and are already developing products and services accordingly.

Smart machines

Welcome to singularity and the world of Ghost in the shell. Ok so we haven’t reached there, yet…Smart machines are electronic devices that have the ability to gather, store, analyse and transmit data in order for the user to make a more informed decision. Big data also comes into play here as all this data will need to be analysed accordingly.

Digital disruption

The impact of digitalisation on almost any business or industry makes it vulnerable to competition. The key is in being able to anticipate, plan and adapt to shifting technologies and competitors.   

Business nowadays is borderless and in a worldwide economy, boundaries are no longer a concern and opportunities can now be availed across the globe. When venturing your business into a new country it’s important to have step-by-step guidance into the entire business setup process.

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