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Infographic - The most in demand IT skills right now

Infographic - The most in demand IT skills right now

What are the most in demand IT skills right now? Well Indian information technology companies have long been at the forefront of technological development. There are now a number of Indian IT firms that specialise in a multitude of IT sectors. Standard developments like ASP, Java and Dot.Net are still in high demand and actually make up a core of IT services coming out India.  

With the rise of smart phones and instant access to high speed internet we’ve seen a surge in the demand for mobile applications. This is not anything new as the entire world has now started shifting to utilising mobile apps. Another area of IT that is high in demand is business intelligence skills such as; SQL servers, SSRS and Oracle. Networking and infrastructure is another realm of IT that is getting plenty of attention these days. Once again this boils down to the demands of business and technology which have now so seamlessly integrated. 

Business nowadays is borderless and in a worldwide economy, boundaries are no longer a concern and opportunities can now be availed across the globe. When venturing your business into a new country it’s important to have step-by-step guidance into the entire business setup process. At QX Corporate Advisors our experts can provide you with vital insights into competitive issues, market dynamics and operational concerns. We are experts at understanding and de-risking foreign market entry.

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