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India US business relations after Trump

india us business relations after trump

India US business relations after Trump

So the impossible has happened!! I guess when they say America is the land of opportunity where ANYTHING is possible, they weren’t kidding. OK now everyone take a deep breath and say it with me, “Donald Trump is now the president (elect) of the United States”. Yes, I know; it’s weird just saying it.

So no one really knows what to expect from here on. We all have ideas and opinions about what will and could happen but who really knows? The world is now on edge and many countries are contemplating what the next step of relations with the US will be. One country that is really looking to take its partnership with the US even further is India.

With one of the oldest civilizations dating back to almost 7500 BC, India is a country shaped by nature and its values and traditions. The last 100 years have given India its freedom from white rule and has set it on a path of industrialization and technological development.

India with a population of 1.2 billion and an economy which is currently ranked 7th in the world according to nominal GDP has recently surpassed China as the fastest growing economy. In order for this success to continue, India needs to maintain and enhance business relations with major players such as the US.

So how is Donald Trump being elected as US president going to affect business between US and India? At this point, we can only speculate outcomes based on what he’s previously stated. Trump is known for slogans such as 'America First' and 'Make America Great Again'; but what does that really mean? What can India expect from this fascinating outcome?

Pros for India:

  • As petty as it sounds, Trump is not known to be a huge supporter of China, which could mean good news for India.
  • He plans to bring his brand to India including partnerships with local real estate developers to launch the Trump Towers in Mumbai and Pune.
  • Trump seems to be planning to restore relations between US and Russia which should be positive for Indian-Russian business relations.

Cons for India:

  • He has highlighted restricting immigration and offshoring/outsourcing, key supports of US-India ties.
  • He wants to reduce the amount of work that is being outsourced to countries like India and China.
  • Limiting rules that may impact Indian IT service businesses supporting companies in the United States.
  • H-1B visas may become much more difficult to get.

One of the big questions for India is what Trump’s presidency will mean for the IT sector, which depends considerably on international trade, offshore labour and overseas skilled workers, all topics Trump has campaigned against. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict what will happen between India and the US over the next four years. However, it’s important to remember that the future is full of infinite possibilities and scenarios so try to see the positive in everything. 

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