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Best Indian cities for setting up a business Delhi

best indian cities for setting up a business delhi

Best Indian cities for setting up a business Delhi

Most people know New Delhi as the capital of India. It’s also the largest economic centre in North India.  Construction, utilities and healthcare are the essential industries of the city's economy and numerous FMCG companies also have their headquarters in the city.  It has a growing population, over 18million residents in 2015, predicted to rise a further 40% by 2020.

There has been major progress in transport, education and other services provided by the government and other agencies in Delhi and this improved infrastructure and the advance in living standards makes Delhi an attractive investment opportunity and base of operations for business owners. The cost of starting and running a business is also lower compared to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore.  If your business relates at all with tourism, then Delhi is a prime location to setup shop. With its rich culture and proximity to other major cities it has always been a destination for travellers coming and going through its streets.

The Delhi government is dedicated towards creating a dynamic business atmosphere. The Industrial Policy 2010-21 is designed to provide an encouraging environment for knowledge-based and hi-tech IT/ITeS industries in Delhi. This initiative has triggered more start-up tech firms to consider Delhi when setting up their operations.

Due to its strategic location, Delhi has always been one of the most coveted Indian cities, which also makes it one of the oldest inhabitable cities in the world. After thousands of years, its strategic location and investment in resources still makes it a city desired not only for tactical or military purpose but also for establishing business and trade.

With government initiatives such as Make in India and Startup India the future looks bright for cities like Delhi.

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