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Best Indian cities for setting up a business – Ahmedabad

best indian cities for setting up a business ahmedabad

Best Indian cities for setting up a business – Ahmedabad

If you’ve never heard the expression “Ahmedabad is the Manchester of India” then you probably are not aware of the potential of this small but industrial city. Ahmedabad originally became well known for its textile mills which lined the banks of the Sabarmati river. The abundance of cotton grown in the state of Gujarat, in addition to the quality of handloom spinning and weaving, placed Ahmedabad in an ideal position to capitalise on its home grown skills.

The city has gone through major transformations since its glory days of being the textile capital of India. It’s now growing into a cosmopolitan city with a focus on business and entrepreneurship. Current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi hails from Gujarat and has expressed his interest in developing the state into a major business and finance hub.

The following attributes place Ahmedabad in good standing to start a business:

  • Low overhead costs such as rent, electricity and labour
  • Minimal barriers of entry compared to larger cities
  • Close proximity to coastal regions for freight shipping as well as railways
  • Easily connected by road to all other major Indian cities and states
  • Only 25 km to Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) in Gandhinagar
  • Access to young skilled professionals from universities such as; IIM, CEPT and NID

With government initiatives such as Make in India and Startup India the future looks bright for cities like Ahmedabad. If you enjoyed this article you may also like, Which are the best cities in India to start a business? 

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