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HR support services UK

Every business is required by law to maintain compliant HR procedures and failure to do so can get you into legal difficulties. QX Corporate Advisors can advise you on implementing effective HR management practices to employ, retain and train people to meet your increasing business demands.

We recognise that every business is unique and that’s why instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we provide flexible, bespoke HR support services. Our HR consultants can help you with any aspect of HR and employing staff, from organisational structure to compliance and employment contract in the UK.
hr support services UK
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Recruitment services in the UK

The UK provides businesses with a world-class skill base, a flexible labour market and the highest graduate output in Europe (source OECD, 2012). At over 30 million, the UK’s highly-educated labour force is the second-largest in the European Union. The Government’s support of the apprenticeship programme has seen over 100,000 employees using apprenticeships and this is an effective way to reduce training and recruitment costs for businesses. The average wages in the UK are also lower than several other European countries.

The UK has a huge choice of recruitment agencies to help you recruit your employees, from senior staff right down to office juniors and for both permanent and temporary workers. Alternatively, you can call on the services of QX Corporate Advisors. They can act on your behalf to liaise with these recruitment companies or assist with your selection process and the associated administrative support.

HR support services we provide:

Employment laws and statutory labour compliance Sourcing (CV search, headhunting, executive search, candidate screening and interview scheduling) Data administration services Performance management Organisational structuring and re-structuring Timesheet and payroll service
It is vital that you obtain immigration advice before you start any UK set-up to allow for the lengthy immigration procedures and ensure that any Indian nationals you would like to work in the UK have the appropriate immigration permission.

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