India market entry strategy

India market entry strategy

For a successful market entry in India, you need a local partner with hands-on working experience and on-the-ground knowledge of the local market, competition, regulations and other requirements. At QX Corporate Advisors you will get the solution to all your unanswered questions about the Indian market and the scope of opportunities. Our expert consultants will provide advice and help you understand all the information required when looking to a move into the Indian market, ensuring you don’t make a single mistake when taking your very first step.
india market entry strategy
Let us help you take your first step in the Indian market.

How we can help you get the right start in India

Our experts understand your requirements and will help you to evolve the most effective strategies to foray into India. We perform a specific B2C or B2B market research across your industry and study the business and regulatory situation to provide you with a clear understanding of business opportunities in the market, growth potential and regulatory requirements for a successful business expansion.

Market research and industry analyses

We provide you with the necessary guidelines to make a hassle-free market entry in India, which includes the roadmap to de-risk your India market entry and grow your business successfully.

Company profiling

We can deliver an in-depth blueprint of your organisational structure that will help you to understand how it interrelates, how decisions are made and how it can become more effective to maximise new business opportunities.

Assessment of target market and customers

Our expert advisors have a sound knowledge of local markets and trends, and help you assess and understand your customers and competitors in the market.

Market opportunity sizing

We perform rigorous market sizing research for your business and deliver the most accurate possible market size estimation which is critical when you are looking into a new market.

Identifying competitive and regulatory challenges

Our expert legal and regulatory advisors know what regulations and restrictions will apply to your business. We provide you hand-holding support and guidance to make your business compliant in order to avoid pitfalls and ensure that there is no interruption in your business expansion activities.

Business plan preparation

We closely study your business objectives and strategies and help you prepare your game plan based on the market competitiveness and opportunities while highlighting your future performance.

Taxation planning

We have a skilled team of tax advisors to deal with an ongoing and increasingly complex body of tax legislation to help you find every opportunity to save.

Investment approach

Foreign direct investment (FDI) rules in India can be complex and cumbersome; our expert advisors provide you with investment consulting and guide you through the process to successfully expand your existing operation in India.

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