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HR support services India

QX Corporate Advisors provides complete solutions for recruitment, temporary staffing, policy formation and implementation, payroll processing and other essential HR services. Our recruitment consultants help enterprises with setting up the organizational structure and assist them in identifying the right talent that will boost their business performance.
hr support services
Wanting to enter the India market but not sure where to start from?

HR and recruitment process services in India

Are you venturing into the Indian market and not sure how are you going to manage your human resources tasks? India has a large pool of talented individuals and this can be one of the attractions for locating here. However, selecting the right candidate for the job may require some assistance.

At QX Corporate Advisors, we understand how important it is to find the right talent for any organisation. Our in-house HR and recruitment team can assist you with the entire recruitment process and HR functions, providing your organization with a framework and the ability to meet business needs through managing your staff. Apart from core recruitment functions, our team also helps with the various associated administrative functions such as drafting employee agreements and structuring remuneration, as well as creating tax-efficient salary structures and drafting employment contracts for local and expatriate recruits.

Our team of recruitment consultants is able to recruit your entire workforce to your specification and offers ongoing services including:

Recruitment and selection Training and development Candidate screening HR contracts and legal status Interview scheduling Employee welfare Payroll service

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