Entity formation

Entity formation India

QX Corporate Advisors assists enterprises with entity formation and the entire set-up process for carrying out business in India, to enable them to focus on their core competencies instead of being tied down with the complex regulatory environment.
entity formation
Not sure how to incorporate a new legal entity or set up business in India?

Business entity and set-up in India

When you are looking to expand your business in India, entity formation is one of the critical aspects that can have serious implications on company incentives, growth potential, financial liabilities and tax implications.

At QX Corporate Advisors, we understand how complex and difficult it is to select the right kind of business form. Our consultants not only help with choosing the right business entity, but also assist you with the entire process of entity formation. From drafting the necessary applications to registration and incorporation of the company, as well as other essential tasks like opening bank accounts, we will assist you to do this or arrange it on your behalf.

We can help you in setting the following form of business:
Wholly Owned Subsidiary Liaison Office and Branch Office Project Office Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Business entity and set-up in India
Business plan

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Your business plan is a vital starting point that describes the strategy and operations of the proposed venture. Our business consultants will help you to draft an effective business plan that takes into account financial considerations, business industry specifics, available business opportunities and the nuances of operating in India. We take time to understand the unique requirements of your business and then build a step-by-step process to identify and then help you reach your goal.

Holding structure

When venturing into the giant Indian market, you need to consider the business, economic, logistical and operational requirements to identify an appropriate business structure and location. Our process takes you through a set of questions to identify the right structure and location for your business.

Entity selection

Our experts provide you with a clear understanding of the technicalities of different types of business entities and help you decide the right one for you. From business partnership through to wholly owned subsidiary, the structure you choose will depend on the size and type of business together with your own personal circumstances and business growth plans.

Capital structure

Your capital structure can impact on the risk of your company and can affect your credit ratings and funding costs. We can help you assess the sector specific dynamics, macro-economic factors and recognise the systemic risks to take an informed decision.

Corporate finance
QX Corporate Advisors works actively with financial institutions, banks, private equity, venture capital and other investors and lenders to assist with arranging financing and the completion of transactions for small to medium-sized enterprises. If you are considering market entry into India, QX Corporate Advsiors can assist in your business expansion.

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