Business joint ventures and acquisitions

Business joint ventures and acquisitions

We know how difficult it can be to find the right partner in a foreign market to work under a joint venture or to take their business over – someone you can trust and perform with on an equal footing; especially if they are the ones with the local knowledge. Our comprehensive service takes you through the entire process of the joint venture or acquisition, ensuring that you do not make any critical mistakes and making sure your lack of local knowledge is not detrimental to you.
business joint ventures and acquisitions
Looking for the right partner for acquisitions to grow your business to the next level?

Business joint ventures and acquisitions in India

Whilst joint ventures and acquisitions can be viewed as an easier route into the Indian market, the peculiarities of an Indian business and diversified cultures can make it anything but easy. Our professionals assist you with every service a company seeking to establish a joint venture or business acquisition in India could require, starting from advice on obtaining governmental approval, compliances, investment documentation, tax and corporate structures, licensing of intellectual property rights to franchising and exits including acquisitions and third party sales.

Our experts have a deep understanding of commercial, cultural, legal, tax and exchange control aspects and can help you with designing, negotiating and documenting the proposed joint venture. We can be your local partner and provide you hand-holding support at every stage, from advice at the pre-investment stage to delivery of a fully functional office.

Besides assisting in partner selection, valuation and negotiations, we also provide services in the post set-up stage. Our monitoring services help gauge whether the milestones and spirit of the joint venture agreement are being adhered to. We are also able to act as a board observer on your joint venture company.
Mergers and acquisitions transaction services
Expert legal advice throughout the transaction and profitable deals make good business sense. All transactions whether mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures or spin-off are fraught with complex issues that may have a significant impact on the value of the investment. Our dedicated expert attention helps you deal with accounting, tax, regulatory, cultural and labour issues, ensuring that you minimise your risks and maximise your returns.

Our transaction service and on-the-ground knowledge greatly improves the odds of a deal being successful in an environment which is not necessarily transparent. The success of any deal may hinge on the ability to discover and analyse the missing pieces and this is where we can help. Our most talented advisory professionals can bring significant transaction execution experience by providing you with accurate information to make your critical decisions.
Corporate restructuring
Companies often develop in an unplanned manner and in ways which ultimately do not meet their needs. We are able to provide a prompt and strategic review of the situation and assess whether your company is operating efficiently, not just from a taxation perspective, but more importantly from a business perspective. We offer a wide range of bespoke services to help you evaluate opportunities, put together the most effective restructuring strategy, improve transactions and help turn around business performance.

We are able to assist in a number of areas including:

Entity change

We can assist you to assess the benefits of business entity change while maintaining a balance between business risks and overall tax liabilities.

De-merger and sale

If part of your business is not performing or having an adverse effect on other parts of your business, we can help you to divest it.

Integration and restructuring

We can help you develop a strategically aligned and tax-efficient organisation structure that maximises your business.

Internal restructuring

We can advise you on internal restructuring ensuring shareholders gain maximum benefits.

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